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Newcomers Event 2023

The Shire of Owl’s Nest invites all to attend

Newcomers 2023: Discovery!

Saturday, April 15, 2023 10 AM – 7 PM

Red Top Mountain State Park Group Shelter #2
659 Red Top Mountain Rd SE
Cartersville, GA 30121

New to the SCA? Been playing for awhile? Come join us as we showcase some of the wonderful activities that our society has to offer with a variety of classes, armored combat, a fashion show & feast!


From I-75 North: Take exit 285 for Red Top Mountain Road. Turn right onto Red Top Mountain SE and follow the SCA signs.

GPS coordinates: N 34.142950, W -084.706700


Preregistration can be done through the Paypal system from this link.


Parking Fee (per vehicle): $5
Member Adult: $10
Non-Member Adult: $15
Children Under 18: FREE
Feast (all ages): $7

Those who prereg for feast will receive one of these fantastic tokens made by members of our shire, containing some cherry wood smoked sea salt!

Feast Menu TBA


A link to the most updated class schedule is here.
The current class list includes:

  • Class: Tablet Weaving 101. A Basic Introduction
  • Wire Wrapped Rings
  • Introduction to Heraldry
  • Basic Fingerloop Braiding
  • Deliver Post Haste: Writing and Sealing Renaissance Letters
  • What Does That Shiny Hat Mean? aka Protocol and Precedence
  • Intro to European Dance
  • Bardic Arts for Everyone
  • Fashion Silhouettes Through the Ages
  • Crash Course on Scribal
  • Basic Herbal Preparations
  • A Stitch in Time: Easy-Peasy Embroidery for the Medieval Artisan

Fencing and Heavy Fighting:

At Owls Nest’s celebration of Newcomer’s to the Society, we are pleased to announce that there will be a Pas d’Armes. This event shall be held on the 15th day of April in the year 2023.

All those who thrive on the joy of the Lyst and yearn for the Glory and Renown that is achieved on the Field are welcome to match themselves as Venans (visitors– all authorized rattan fighters welcome) against the Tenans (pre-selected) in this tourney a plaisance.

All those who would revel in the spectacle of this Grand Tourney are encouraged to come and witness the combat from the Gallery. The Gallery plays a very important role in the day.


The First Course shall be a Grand Melee. At lay on, fighters may not engage the fighters to their immediate left or right. All fights shall be to three blows received without acting wounds.

The Second Course shall be Individual Challenges by the Venans to the Tenans of their choosing. Challengers shall state the terms of the Challenges. (Tenans challenged. Weapon styles. Over the barrier or open field. Count of blows thrown or received. A venan who challenges multiple tenans must fight all fights before we move to the next challenger.) Tenans may accept, decline, or counter-challenge with different terms.

The Third Course shall be a second Grand Melee. At lay on, fighters may not engage the fighters to their immediate left or right. All fights shall be to three blows received without acting wounds.

The Fourth and Final Course shall be Pleasure of the Gallery. The Gallery shall choose one Tenan and one Venan to fight. Terms to be set by the Gallery. Gallery, please bring your creativity for this course.

Event Contact Information:

Event Steward:
Cpt William Lewis
mka Jason Cherches

Lady Keterlyn ane czunamen
mka Kristen Schreiber
1127 Mountain Springs Dr.
Kennesaw, GA 30144

THL Charles de Joscelynne
mka Edward Neary