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Crossroads 2024: Crossroads by the Water

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Registration: pay via Paypal on Event page

This is a DRY site

Quiet Hours: The rangers have notified us that there is a noise curfew between 10 PM and 6 AM.


9-10am Armor Inspection & Authorizations

10-11am Double Elimination Tournament

11am-Lunch Duelists on the River: Fight single combat duels to win playing cards and build the best poker hand before time runs out (see rules in comments)

1pm-Court Melee Scenarios: Sharing the field with Armored and Youth

Thrown Weapons:

We will begin the day at 9am with a hands-on range set up class for any interested in helping. We will begin signing in people and inspecting weapons as soon as the range is set up.

Casual throwing will occur throughout the day – with a lunchbreak aroudn mid-day. Come on out and fling some sharp pointy things (in a safe and controlled manner)


Time: 11:00 AM  Class: Sonnet writing 

Teacher: Morgan McFarland 

From iambs to couplets to quatrains, learn the building blocksof the English sonnet and try your hand at this classical poetic form. 

Time: 1:00 PM  Class: Test Your Temperament 

Teacher: Temair Carr 

Test Your Temperament. 

Time: 2:00 PM  Class: Cacahuatl, Food of the Gods – Chocolate, with recipes and reviews of its benefits and evolution. 

Teacher: Temair Carr 

We make and sample Aztec Cacahuatl and Spanish Chocolate. 

Time: 3:00 PM  Class: Turkish Kahve/Coffee, its times/places and virtues/faults 

Teacher: Temair Carr

Youth Classes:


Protocol and Precedence for Youth. So why do SCA adults often have a title in front of their name? What do they all mean? What is a peerage and why do people want one? And after we discuss titles, I’ll have some fun period games to try out.


Make your own bardic story and have some puppets to go along with it. We’ll create a short SCA type bardic tale together, and maybe even perform it.


Crossroads by the Water, you need a good boat to travel and trade. Just how did people get cargo and people over the water? Explore the principles of buoyancy discovered by the ancient Greeks. Make your own boat and we’ll see if they float (kids may get a bit wet, I’ll have some towels)

Staff List: