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Bardic Activities

At our new site, there’s not only a bunch of small fire rings across the site, but there’s an actual stage! Why shouldn’t the bards take a crack at it?

There will be two bardic activities this year at Kingdom Arts & Sciences/Crown List. Here are the details! For questions, please email Lord Jacopo Cantaore at

Family-Friendly Bardic 2x10s

No, we don’t get to hit you with big boards! But those who sign up will get to tread the boards of our stage and get to perform a 2×10. Performers will be able to:

  • Perform up to two pieces
  • Maximum of 10 minutes for your set

Yes, you get the stage all to yourself to entertain the crowd! Got that story you love but can never fit into a circle? Sing it! Got a long song to show off? This is your chance! There is only one restriction to your pieces: your pieces must be family-friendly! Save the bawdy stuff for after dark.

No competition or prizes for this. Just fun performance!

There will be 12 slots available. Signup will be at Troll starting on Friday morning and will end at Noon Saturday. The show will start tentatively at 1:30 PM on Saturday and run till 3:30 PM.

Full rules for how this works:

  • Your set can be vocal, instrumental, story, play, juggling, magic, anything bardic! Musicians are welcome to perform pieces as well. You are free to give an intro to your pieces.
  • You can only get one slot for yourself as a soloist.
  • Multi-person acts are permitted and you can go up more than once that way. (e.g. you can do a solo singing set, then perform two recorder pieces as part of a consort later).
  • The order of the performances will be by signup number. If you are late for your number, you will be bumped down the list until you arrive.
  • Ensembles – your whole group must be present before you can take the stage. Please show up on time.
  • The stage has no amplification, but it does have a roof. If you are bringing a “loud” instrument, you may want to do a sound check prior to this to check your volume. Our ears thank you.
  • The MC will announce the act taking the stage, as well as the two acts to come so they can prepare.
  • Set up time counts against your 10 minutes. Please be speedy. Tune prior to your set if you can.
  • Oncoming performers will come on stage left and the leaving performers will leave stage right.
  • Please show up on time and respect the time limit. You can end early, but please keep your set to 10 minutes so we can keep things moving.

Bardic Competition

At TRMs’ request, there will be a Bardic Competition on Saturday, time and place to be announced! This is a themed competition. On Sunday, we are holding a grand Crown Tournament that will decide who our new Heirs will be. Two people will have Fortune smile upon them and gain Power.

Therefore, our theme is on Power and Fortune. How we can gain them, lose them, how they change, how they might not be what we expect, etc.

There will be a prize for this competition! It will be judged by TRM and Lord Jacopo Cantaore, with other judges possibly to be announced. Signup will be at Troll. Location and time on Saturday TBA.