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(Past Event 2019) All Crossroads Lead To Rome

Basic information below, details below that! If you prefer Facebook, the event page is at



Quiet Hours: The rangers have notified us that there is a noise curfew between 10 PM and 6 AM.

Elevations:THL Vasilii Nikolaievich Dragomir will have his vigil Friday night starting at 7 PM on Friday and will be elevated fieldside on Saturday morning.

THL Fiora Valori will be elevated to the Order of the Pelican. Vigil is planned 9:00 am – 2:00pm on Saturday at the River Overlook

Feasts: There will be a traveler’s fare on Friday evening and a feast on Saturday. The theme of the feast is “Feast of Jupiter.” Menu and ingredient list is here.

The College of Phoenix Rising will be running a Fundraiser Lunch on Saturday. Details to come.

Meetings: The Order of the Velvet Owl will be meeting at Crossroads this year.

Classes: Good people! Wise Minerva has inspired a number of knowledgeable and skilled instructors to come to Crossroads and share their gifts! The following classes will be taught: Punics Wars I, Punic Wars II (the 2nd and 3rd Punic Wars), Icons and Emblems of the Roman Legions, Roman Concrete, Roman Construction Methods, Fun with Wire!, Making of Crossbow Strings, and Crossbow Prod Binding! Please, come and learn with us!

But wait, there’s more! If Minerva’s light is shining upon you and you feel the urge to teach, contact me, Gaius Nautius Maximus, and we will find a spot for you!

Rapier: Here is the schedule for rapier events:

9:00: Inspections,  authorizations, warm-up

10:00 Labors of Hercules Tournament – To honor of Hercules, the God of Strength.

Fencers will form two lines, one on either side of the field. The lead fencers from each line will fight. The winner will hold the field, the loser will report to the end of the opposite line. The winner will hold the field until s/he is defeated. A list minister will record the number of fights won. The fencer with the highest number of wins after a set period will be proclaimed “Hercules’ Champion!”

11:45: Bellona’s Best – Women’s Tournament- To honor Bellona, the Goddess of War

All women are invited to proclaim their might on the field. This will be a round robin/Swiss 5 with unmatched weapons styles. 

After Lunch: Mars Attacks- C&T Tournament – To Honor Mars, the God of War

Display your martial prowess in the Cut-and-Thrust Tournament. Armor-as-worn rules apply if period armor is worn. Format TBD.

After Mars Attacks: Pay the Ferryman Melee- To honor of Mercury who takes them, Charon who ferries them, and Pluto who keeps them.

Melee resurrection battle. Every combatant gets 2 coins to pay the Ferryman for resurrection. You must switch teams when resurrected. No death from behind, no restriction on weapons style, no RBGs. Can change weapons when resurrecting.

Children’s Activities: Melkorka, speaking for Picumnus, the god of infants and children, has planned a fun and educational day at Crossroads for children 5 and over. We will learn Roman numbers, how to finger braid bracelets, about a number of gods and goddesses, and about some common Roman snack foods. We will also do a few crafts on Roman art. Please email her at if you have questions!

We also have a scavenger hunt! Be Aware! Barbarians in this Province have Assaulted a Legion and have Stolen it’s sacred Eagle! Caesar will pay dearly for its return, and shall bestow honor upon the person(s) who accomplish this feat! I, Quintus Valarius Gracchus, Commander of the Iron Legion of Meridies, hereby request all Young citizens of Rome to assist in this sacred duty. I trust our Youth shall restore the Eagle to the safety of the Empire. Ave Imperator!

Library of Alexandria: Do you have awesome resources you’d like to share with others? Bring your books to our Library for the populace to look through during the day.

We’re also looking for extra/old class handouts! Donate your old handouts and we’ll bind them up after the event as gifts to the kingdom to help new groups and newcomers start off with good information.

Archery: Here is the archery schedule:

Setup starts when Mara gets to site. If the range gets set up before dark, the range will be open until dark to practice on the novelty shoots and other shenanigans.

9:00 am – Inspections; Practice on Novelties
10:00 am – Mathias’s Marshal’s Shoot: Fire At Will! (pending time approval from authorizing marshal)
11:00 am – 3:00 pm: Novelty shoots
3:00 pm – Range closes (this is anticipating a 4:00 pm start time for court; will adjust accordingly if needed)

*Note, as seems to always be the case when I’m doing novelty shoots, there will not be any space for RRs on Saturday. If that’s something folks want for Friday, we can try to squeeze it in Friday evening but no promises!

Novelty shoot teasers!

You are traveling a 100-day journey on the Via Francigena, Lombard Way, whichever of its many names you wish to use. You are walking the pilgrim’s path as you make your way to Rome. You will start in Canterbury, England, then move through France, Switzerland, go through the Great St. Bernard Pass to enter Italy, then eventually end up in Rome — just in time for the Feast of Jupiter. For most of these locations, there is a minimum you must complete to proceed to the next city. Everyone who completes the entire pilgrimage gets a little treat, and the person with the highest score will get a larger prize (hopefully.)

Canterbury: Your journey starts in Canterbury. Near where you start your journey, they are repairing a Roman mosaic, and you decide to start your pilgrimage by helping out.

Reims: Protect the Mars Gate from invaders by striking the wheel to secure the crossbars. You only need to hit once to help out enough to not be a burden to the city, but it’s better if you can hit it all 6 times.

Besançon: There is a commercial conflict between different tribes regarding the Doubs River and trade tolls. You don’t want to get involved in local politics, but you do need to break down the barriers to be able to access one of the bridges crossing the Doubs. You have 3 choices of where to cross; they have different levels of fortification, but the less fortified routes are further out of your way. Clear your route so that you may continue your journey.

Great St. Bernard Pass: Carefully tread the path, but beware of the snow! (Yes, we’re breaking out the stuffed snowballs for this!)

San Gimignano: The feuding families of San Gimignano are at it again, trying to outbuild each others’ towers. You just want a warm bed to rest in before your final push to Rome. To pay for this bed, you must help your host family gather stones to build their tower bigger than the other families’.

Rome: You arrive in Rome just in time for the Feast of Jupiter. As is traditional, you must sacrifice a white cow. Bonus points for hitting vital sections to preserve the hide.

Staff List:

Event Steward: Thyri (Hessa)
Deputy Steward: Ysabel Marguerite du Val
Class Coordinator: Nautius
Feastcrat: William Lewys
Hall Stewards: Phyllis Adaire Schwerin Gorin & Elizabeth Silverloc Corbet
Merchant Coordinator: Charles
Traveler’s Fare: Gerald Gunter
Heavy Marshal: Randal
Troll / Reservations: Kurt
Website: Jacopo Cantaore
Youth Activities: Melkorka
Royal Liaison: Aesa Marsdottir
Sanitation / Pottycrat: Angie Steltzer
Youth Combat: David Duckworth
Rapier: Sirona/ Dante Alatrista
Archery/Live Weapons: Mara Palmer